New Gideon

The Christian Center of National City Junior Group Ministry is composed of young boys and young ladies ages 10-14 years old. With an exception of some 15 year olds. Heading the Junior Group Ministry is a staff composed mainly of, volunteering, Junior Group member’s parents.

The goal of the group is to give glory to God in the following areas.

  1. Help every Junior member increase in his/her knowledge of God. Jesus once told His disciple that they were to let the children come to Him. Kids are precious in God’s sight, therefore Jesus calls all children, to fellowship with Him, and to learn from Him and His Word. The Bible teaches that children are to be taught to choose the right path, so that when they are older, they will remain upon order to attain this goal-activities such as Church services, Wednesday Bible classes, prayer, scheduled days of fasting, and other spiritual activities are planned
  2. Create a strong and sound friendship group. Being a young Christian person is not easy. There is a lot of peer pressure, and much temptation. Strong and sound Christian friends can help ease the burden of peer pressure and temptation. The Bible teaches that a person can easily be overpowered, but that two people together will stand their ground, furthermore a group of three is not easily broken.Monthly social activities are planned in order for the group to bond together. Special trips are also scheduled.
  3. Grow in number. Share the faith. Group members are encouraged to invite all visitors and personal friends to come visit, and participate in all group activities.Special recognition is given to those that show up to activities with their friends as well as those that encourage others to participate in group activities.


Chosen Generation

CHOSEN Youth Ministries is the student and young adult ministry of the Christian Center of National City. CHOSEN’S vision is to unite all teens and young adults in one purpose. It is our desire to grow exponentially by reaching friends and family, exalting Christ in our everyday lives, and creating disciples through worship, service and fellowship. We wish to “Finish” the race and complete the task our Lord has given us- testifying to the good news of God’s grace (Acts 20:24).